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Finding the right shape and size for you

29 Sep Finding the right shape and size for you

Would you like to know the secret to successful weight management?


  • Are you tired of trying every diet on the planet and still not being able to keep the weight off?
  • Have you joined countless numbers of gyms or exercise classes only to lose the motivation to go?
  • Do you find diets boring and horrible?
  • Do you eat more comfort food when you are stressed or anxious?
  • Are you frustrated with yourself and can’t look in the full-length mirror?
  • Do you feel like a failure and feel like giving up?


What do the diet companies and gyms not tell you?


There is more to managing weight than dieting and exercising.

95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-5 years.

You need to eat a balanced diet and exercise to keep healthy and you also need to get to the reason why you eat too much of the wrong foods.

Two of the major drivers for overeating are stress and anxiety.

Depression, boredom, loneliness, chronic anger, anxiety, frustration, problems with relationships and poor self-esteem are also common triggers for overeating and unwanted weight gain

We turn to food for comfort because we are not taught the skills to cope with bad feelings.

We are not taught to sit with the feeling instead, we numb it with alcohol, drugs or eating

If you have some unresolved negative emotion or internal conflict that needs sorting out, your mind will force you to eat to fill the emotional void.

Your unconscious mind always wins these battles and that is frustrating.

Being overweight or obese will increase your risk of serious chronic and life-threatening conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a number of cancers.

What’s the secret?

To more effectively cope with emotional stress you can try the techniques below to address the underlying emotional problems which are causing you to overeat

Counselling:- can help you to get to the cause of the issue, look at your beliefs around food, health and self-esteem and help you to challenge negative beliefs and build confidence.

Meditation:- can help with anxiety, stress and depression and gain clarity in life.

Relaxation exercises:- can help you to manage the feelings of sadness and anxiety and replace the need for comfort eating.

Hypnotherapy:- can help you to relax, subconsciously shift old thinking patterns and reinforce new beliefs.


As a qualified and registered Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can help you to deal with the unresolved emotion and conflict that traps you in this weight battle.

You will no longer have to deprive yourself of your favourite foods or stick to stupid, difficult diets.

You will be free of any limitations to happiness and enjoy life more.

You will love and approve of yourself.

Your unconscious mind will be free to regulate your appetite and your metabolism to maintain your optimum weight.

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