Uniquely You Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy | Uniquely You Counselling
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Uniquely You Counselling

Are you overwhelmed, frustrated & exhausted with life’s challenges?

These feelings can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to cope or manage on your own.

Do you want things to be different? Want life to be easier?

My belief is, that no matter what life throws at us, we can learn to find our inner strengths and resources, solve problems more effectively and make better choices.

I will teach you new strategies and new ways to positively connect and align your conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs and behaviours

Together we can find that change you have been looking for.

Counselling can change your life

Talking to a professional counsellor in a confidential, safe and friendly environment is a healthy way to feel less alone, discover personal strengths, get to the cause of the problems, and create a new balance.

How can counselling help me?

Counselling may help you with the following: –

  • Clarify issues, put them into perspective and gain a new outlook
  • Understand your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, values and behaviours
  • Find your focus and achieve your goals
  • Manage stress and create better work/life balance
  • Understand anxious and depressive symptoms and how to manage them
  • Improve self-awareness and coping skills
  • Release past negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs
  • Build self esteem, self confidence, self worth and self identity
  • Create stronger relationships and happier family environments
  • Help to heal the grief after any type of loss
  • Learn to positively manage chronic pain and illness
  • Get to the root cause of your problems and leave it in the past forever

What can I expect in a counselling session?

You can expect to feel safe, supported and listened to.

The session will involve uncovering what makes you unique and what your goals and aspirations are.

We will look at past, present and future.

The focus will be from a holistic perspective, as body and mind are connected.

What the mind believes the body can achieve however if the body is neglected then the mind will struggle.

I often combine counselling with hypnotherapy as this aligns the conscious and subconscious minds to create faster and more lasting results.

This will be dependent on what you want and we will discuss all therapeutic options available to you.

Initial consultations are 90 minutes

Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes

If you have any questions about counselling please call 0467 046 814 or email selenapirie@yahoo.com

I offer a free 15-minute initial phone consultation.

New clients welcome. No referral necessary.